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A National Leader in Handling Large, Complex Class Actions
and Multi-Plaintiff Lawsuits

Based in Chicago, IL, our firm was founded in 1980 by Thomas R. Meites and Lynn S. Frackman. The firm's guiding principle is to pursue cases that have a positive impact on society by advocating on behalf of classes of employees, investors, consumers, and others whose legal rights have been denied. Meites Mulder represents plaintiffs in nationwide class actions and multi-party complex litigation in federal and state courts, focusing on pension and other workplace benefits, employment discrimination, whistleblower actions, consumer rights, and securities litigation.

Meites Mulder has become a national leader in handling large, complex class actions and multi-plaintiff lawsuits in Illinois and throughout the United States. The firm has successfully represented and continues to represent the rights of plaintiffs against numerous corporate defendants, including Allstate, Amoco, General Dynamics, General Motors, J.P. Morgan Chase, McDonnell-Douglas, Merrill Lynch, Mitsubishi, Sears, Shell, Tyco, and United Airlines. The firm has built its reputation throughout the past thirty years by aggressively pursuing justice and recompense for those whose rights are often compromised or overlooked.

The firm welcomes opportunities to build co-counsel relationships with other attorneys who seek to partner with class-action experts. We have a record of success in bringing large, complex cases to a successful conclusion. Please contact us to discuss potential class or multi-plaintiff litigation.

The firm also has a proven record in resolving employment disputes on behalf of individual employees. For more than three decades, we have represented employees throughout the country in matters related to discrimination in pay and promotions, unlawful termination, benefits disputes, and severance agreements. Please contact us if you have an individual employment matter that you would like to discuss.