We represent employees on an individual or class‐action basis and protect their rights in the workplace.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, and successfully representing employees throughout the country, The Law Offices of Michael M. Mulder will be carrying on the thirty-year tradition of Mike Mulder’s former firm, Meites Mulder: We are dedicated to pursuing cases that have a positive impact on society by advocating on behalf of employees, retirees, investors, consumers, and others whose legal rights have been denied.

We represent individual clients in employment matters of pay discrimination, promotion, unlawful demotions and terminations based on race, gender, age, disability and other protected statuses.

We also represent clients in retiree and pension benefits disputes. We have negotiated severance agreements that help clients transition to their next job by providing severance pay, protecting their reputation in the workplace, and providing them with out-placement services.

Please call us if you have an individual employment matter you would like to discuss.

We also represent plaintiffs in nationwide class-actions and multi-party complex litigation in federal and state courts, focusing on pension and other workplace benefits, employment discrimination, whistleblower actions, consumer rights, and securities litigation. The firm has successfully represented and continues to represent the rights of plaintiffs against numerous corporate defendants, including Allstate, Amoco, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, McDonnell-Douglas, Merrill Lynch, Mitsubishi, Sears, Shell, Tyco, and United Airlines. Our reputation is based upon thirty years of pursuing justice and recovering damages for those whose rights are often compromised or overlooked.

The firm welcomes opportunities to build co-counsel relationships with attorneys seeking to partner with class counsel. We have a record of success in bringing large, complex cases to conclusion.

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Please contact us to discuss potential class or multi-plaintiff litigation. We represent clients throughout the U.S. from our offices in Chicago.